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Eric, dont be goaded into expressing nearly anything within your defence. dont even acknowledge their videos, they wish to upset you, and by even mentioning their videos is promotion for them and so they know that you'll be aware about and designed comment on their function. Sinply overlook them, men and women get upset if they are overlooked. just name them so truth seekers know To place them within the blackened listing, but dont remark,dont arrive into their baiting, by doing this they have got received a round, as it has upset you enought to comment. By their own carrying out they are demonstrating whatever they are, persons seeking the truth will not be Silly, and may come to their own judgement finally.

Also moon landings are so definitely phony, from Once i herd that dumb astro-nut say he was sure he went throughout the van Allen belt which I do think is there science name with the firmament but I haven't any proof or won't be able to even started to elucidate that

* Take note: for The instant let's put aside that world wide finance disregards all-natural boundaries to expansion. Also, place aside the seeming idolatrous nature of this system .

  I was greater than ready, but unfortunately as you can see below, nevertheless, they were not ready to comply with my demands  :)

we lived on Seashore 8th street. I'll attempt to search out some photos and article them. Anyone in close proximity to baech 14th Road go there and search south west and you will see new jersey. many thanks eric

Max Igan:  would be the Aussie truther accountable for the Crowhouse and Surviving the Matrix radio, who long supported my do the job (continue to one-way links to my site) until eventually the subsequent Fb dialogue passed off involving us exactly where he disparaged my work on the flat Earth with no truly studying any of it (and refusing to waste his time).

  I've revealed in my Flat Earth Conspiracy e book further than any shadow of the doubt that planet Freemasonry is chargeable for this global deception, and a straightforward Google look for of "Judaism and Freemasonry" will satisfy anybody of The truth that planet Freemasonry is one hundred% beholden to, originating from, and maintained by entire world Jewry.

Addendum: It really is quite probable- because of the talents of all covert agencies- that somebody is familiar with who I am now. I think these similar persons believe that God is often mocked! You might like to re-assess that place. Nevertheless, my identify is Andrew for individuals who don't know who I am. Cheers!

  He appeared a bit off, but I chalked it up to his eccentricity and however figured he was authentic Hearing him explore his commissioned artwork/murals, and his problem about shills infiltrating the flat Earth movement, amongst whom he listed Mark Sargent, the FES, Zhib Rhan, Steven Christ, and Lori Frary - all persons I'd also suspected.

As a result of persistent assaults, I would consider spreading the IFERS selection/forum to other/several platforms. As the first founder of IFERS wound up with the fabric wrecked (while you mentioned inside your book), It might be wonderful to prevent that destiny by spreading it farther and broader.

On setting up my own rival IFERS forum and contacting out the FES shills, various of their administrators and moderators joined up, praised me for my get the job done, nominated me as joint "Flat Earth President," As well as in a last ditch make an effort to co-choose me and my do the job, requested if we could merge our message boards as one particular!

  On becoming a member of IFERS I gave him my genuine feeling of his videos, which evidently he failed to appreciate since the following day he created the silliest here shilliest video of all time claiming that i'm essentially David Wilcox!

  I noticed he and his cohorts trolling each individual flat Earth channel threatening to flag their videos and "report them into the NSA," and accurate to form, when I started building flat Earth videos he did a similar to me, claiming he'd report me to the NSA Which "I would greater repent" because I was "living within His concave Earth" (bear in mind, he thinks he is Jesus).  Considering that then I've experienced the "divine" honor of having "Our Lord and Savior Steven Christ" dedicate nearly every new video he puts out be on the topic of "debunking" and denouncing me and my get the job done.  Steven has also joined Acenci's shill forums and like Acenci, compensated for banner ads on IFERS (which I have no control above) promoting his "Concave Earth" Forum.

Obtaining viewed the hatchet position which Math 'Jesuit' Boylan did on Eric only very last evening, I necessary to vent a bit, and ended up right here. Believe me people, people who dismiss the Jewish Question and worse - overtly winner it - are positively and exactly your disinfo agents. Whatever the Jews are having to pay Boylan, they won't get their shekel's value. In actual fact, just the other. Not simply is he not convincing, he seems to get large on his decision of illicit material. Just because a person denies the Holohoax (a lie which can't be sustained for for much longer) will not imply 'shill.

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